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Love Like God~Embracing Unconditional Love

Love Like God~Embracing Unconditional Love” will redefine your understanding of love. In this groundbreaking compilation, well-known individuals from across the globe share stories of how they learned to release the conditions that block absolute love. Along with the insights of Bestselling Author Caroline A. Shearer, readers will be reminded of their natural state of love and will begin to envision a world without fear or judgement or pain.

Be Inspired … To release blocks to loving yourself and others unconditionally ... To embrace every challenge as an opportunity for love... To live without fear....

Readers will discover:
That everything from autism to Alzheimer’s can be a gift...
How international peace can be achieved...
What every husband should know...
How to deal with addictions, in our own lives and others’...
Why releasing blame creates freedom...
The most valuable lesson medical students, nurses, and social workers can learn...

                                          Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love ISBN# 0983301700 by Carolyn A Shearer with Shirley W. Mitchell and many more..

Along with Shearer’s reflections and affirmations, Experts, Musicians, Authors, Professional Athletes, and others shed light on the universal experiences of journeying the path of unconditional love. The Stories come from a wide-range of well-known individuals including:

Shirley W. Mitchell, National Author, Writer, Speaker, Syndicated Columnist and Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host
Deva Premal, World-renowned Musician
Lorelei Shellist, Former International Model
Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Swami 
Crystal Dwyer, Bestselling Author and Deepak Chopra-trained
Lisa Gibson, International Peace Promoter and voice on Global Terrorism
Jon Graves, Former Professional Baseball Player
Laura Stinchfield, The Original “Pet Psychic”

Along with Contributors:

Love Like God” sets the stage for a dramatic change in consciousness. Are you ready to redefine your understanding of love?

***Endorsement - "Love Like God" was endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series***

Caroline A. Shearer Caroline A. Shearer

Caroline A. Shearer is a Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Founder of Absolute Love Publishing. She established herself as a writer in virtually every medium possible - and then finally got around to fulfilling her own life purpose. Known as a fresh, distinctive, spiritual voice, Caroline’s vision is to promote goodness and love in the world through the inspiration of others. Her books include "Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date" (A Series), "Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love", "Love Like God Companion Book", "Raise Your Vibration: Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life" min-e-book™ and "Women Will Save The World".

                                                     Caroline A. Shearer, Founder of Absolute Love Publishing and Author of Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date ISBN# 0615339328 and Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love ISBN# 0983301700

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The Golden Egg of Aging™ The Golden Egg of Aging™

Shirley W. Mitchell, of Alabama, Known today as "The Golden Egg of Aging™" and the Lady with "The Most Stunning Smile, is a Mother of Three, Grandmother of Ten, and a Great-Grandmother of Two. She was writing about, and promoting, a "Positive Aging Lifestyle" before most were even thinking about it. Her life "Passion" and "Mission" is to promote "Positive Aging and Vitality in Health". She is highly recognized as one of the Top Writers and Speakers on Aging, Seniors, Senior Lifestyle, the Baby Boomer Generation, Women's Issues and Healthy Lifestyles of Today. We call her "The Original Baby Boomer Promoter" because of her tremendous insight years previous to the coming of the Baby Boomer Wave of Aging Younger.

Shirley W. Mitchell was raised in the South in Northern Alabama on a tenant cotton farm working with all her family members in the tenant cotton fields. Even at that young age, she had a "Vision and Passion" to make her life and others' lives more productive, seeing what hard, long work days and getting older did to those around her. Her "Quest" or "Mission", since, has been to "Promote Positive Aging" for all, especially for those who are approaching or who might have attained that Golden 50 and Beyond. To help all those who are struggling to find a comfortable zone from which to inspire their own passions, hopes and dreams.

She is the Author of 10 Books including "The Christian Writer's Desk Diary", "The Beauty of Being God's Woman", "Spiritual Sparks for Busy Women", "Fabulous after 50®" and "Sensational after 60®", and the Co-Author of 5 books including "Love Notes for Mom", "Love Notes for Dad" and "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life". Columnist of the Syndicated "Fabulous after Fifty™" On-Line Column, and a Featured Columnist for Senior Lifestyle Magazine. Shirley is also a member of "The Lit Chicks" Literary Writers Critique Group of Sand Mountain Alabama.

She is the Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host of the Syndicated Radio Show "Aging Outside the Box®" - Listen in every Thursday night to "Aging Outside the Box®" from 2PM-HIST, 3PM-AKST, 4PM-PST, 5PM-MST, 6PM-CST, 7PM-EST AND 8PM-AST - a weekly One-Hour LIVE Broadcast Radio Show with a "Special Guest" and listeners being able to E-Mail the LIVE Show. The Show is "Aired" and "Archived", on Five Website locations. Listen in every Sunday morning to "Aging Outside the Box® Christian Spiritual Sparks™" Syndicated Radio Show airing at 8am-CST. "Aging Outside the Box®" Syndicated Radio Show is Managed, Represented and Produced by Lighthouse Coastal Productions. If you are an Artist, Author, Writer or Business and want an increased "Presence", check out "How to be a "Guest", "Advertiser" or "Sponsor" Today by sending an E-Mail to the Agent-Director-Producer - Agent @

She is a member of the National Association for Female Executives, American Business Womens Association, The International Women's Leadership Association, Red Hat Society and the Diva Web of Fame. A Dale Carnegie Graduate, she is also a Competent Toastmaster with Toastmasters International and listed as an Aging & Longevity Expert with Self Growth, Inc.

She received the "1997 Woman of Achievement Award" from the Business and Professional Women's Club; She won the "Most Stunning Smile Award" at the "2000 Ms. Senior Alabama Pageant" and most recently received the "2004 Citizen of the Year Award" from the Albertville Chamber of Commerce for her contributions to the City and Local venues. In 2006, 2007 & 2008, she was nominated for inclusion into "The Purpose Prize" with Civic Ventures in recognition of her life-long committment to Local and National Venues, The Teaching of Experience, Positive Aging and the Baby Boomer Generation. She supports groups such as the American Heart Association & the GoRed for Women Program.

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          101 Co-Authors  Christian Spiritual Sparks  Love Like God  Women Will Save The World

Love Like God - Buy Your Copy Today ! Love Like God - Buy Your Copy Today !

Book: Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love
Publisher: Absolute Love Publishing
ISBN#: 0983301700
Cost: $19.95

Are you ready to redefine your understanding of love? Purchase Your Copy Today !


Love Like God Companion Book Love Like God Companion Book

You’ve read the love-expanding essays from the luminaries of "Love Like God". Now, take your love steps further with the “Love Like God Companion Book.” The Companion provides a positive, actionable pathway into a state of absolute love, enabling readers to further open their hearts at a pace that matches their experiences.

Love Like God Companion Book Features:
...Expanded Introduction
...Thoughts and Affirmations from Love Like God
...Plus, All New - Love in Action Steps!

Buy Your Copy Today !

Law of Attraction Magazine Summer 2012 Law of Attraction Magazine Summer 2012

Caroline A Shearer, Owner-Publisher of Absolute Love Publishing partnered with Law of Attraction Magazine for the "Law of Attraction Magazine Summer 2012 Issue". In this issue, we have both the back cover ad and a story where I talk about putting together "Love Like God~Embracing Unconditional Love" and "Women Will Save the World". Absolute Love Publishing will be the only On-Line Retailer for print copies, so it's a good match with their readers and ours. Check out the Book and Magazine Today!

AOTB® & Caroline A. Shearer AOTB® & Caroline A. Shearer

Mar. 31, 2011... 6PM-CST... "Insight To Reflections & Affirmations" with our "GuestCaroline A. Shearer, Founder of "Absolute Love Publishing", Best-Selling Metaphysical Mystery Author, and Author of the New Book "Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love" on "Aging Outside the Box®" Syndicated Radio Show with National Author/Writer/Syndicated Columnist/Speaker and Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host, Shirley W. Mitchell, as they discuss "Insight To Reflections & Affirmations" with... Embracing Unconditional Love, Love Like God and Inspire The World. Join us "LIVE on AIR" every Thursday Night at 2PM-HIST, 3PM-AKST, 4PM-PST, 5PM-MST, 6PM-CST, 7PM-EST and 8PM-AST. Send Us an E-Mail - Host @

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Member of : American Society on Aging, American Senior Benefits Association, Self Growth Expert & Growing Bolder

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